Madison Proms & Homecoming

School dances are an important time in a teenagers life. They go through many emotions from having to ask someone to go with them or getting asked to dancing the night away. It allows girls to gussy up with getting their nails done, make up, hair done and wearing the perfect dress. The guys get dressed up in a tux and pick out a corsage. Parents get lots of photos of their children with their dates and friends. Most of the time, they get photos taken at multiple locations. Like a place with a gazebo or in front of landmarks. Make the night extra special for your children since they won't have this opportunity again by renting them a party bus or limo. A bus or limo will take them to all the places they want to take photos at, the restaurant they eat dinner at before the dance and to the dance. None of the teens would have to drive which will give you ease in wondering if they are being safe and responsible. The chauffeurs will get them where they need to be safely. Be the best parent ever and call us today to rent a party bus or limo for your sons or daughters school dance.